Good things take time. That’s the main idea we should have in mind when we talk about SEO Strategy. It’s a hard-word process and it requires three main abilities: patience, discipline and persistence.


This is the first entry of a series in which we want to teach you how to create a successful SEO Strategy in 10 steps. This time, we will give you a general view of a SEO Strategy so you can understand its importance and what will you need to build one.

Let’s talk about SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most important things for your content strategy. Its main goal is to bring your website more visibility and authority in search engines such as Google.


Working on a successful SEO Strategy will help more people to find your website and, this way, attract new potential clients.


When you search for information or an answer in any search engine, it is more likely that you click one of the top links since they are in that position for a reason. Well, SEO’s main idea is to keep you on those top places so more traffic is driven to your website.

10 Steps to Create a Successful SEO Strategy

  • Define your Buyer Persona

In Digital Marketing it is important to know who you are talking to. In this point, we will teach you to create a representation of your ideal client. This way you will be able to focus your strategy to your actual client, creating a special bond.

  • Do a Keyword Research

Once your Buyer Persona is clear, the next step is to know what they are looking for. Which words are they using to look for information?


This way you will be able to think like them, to speak their language. It is more likely for you to attract new potential clients offering exactly what they want.

  • Analyze your competitors

In a SEO Strategy your client is very important, but they are not everything. Once you have clear who your client is and what they want, the next step is to know which companies are taking the place you want on search engines.


The same way you did with your clients, at this point you will analyze the language that your competitors are using and understand their strategy so you can know why they are positioned like that.

  • Work on your images

If you want to have the best SEO Strategy possible, EVERYTHING needs to be prepared, even the images.


You need to take care that the name of your images is related to what you’re talking about. Also, the size of them influences the load time of your website – a very important characteristic for SEO.

  • Take care of the details

Search engines love details. The success of a SEO Strategy is the sum of many little details that continually gives points to your website so it can rank better on search engines.


We will talk about the specific configurations on your website to get the best positioning on Search Engines.

  • Fix any broken link

Have you ever get an “error 404” when web searching? These broken links aren’t just annoying, also they can ruin all your SEO efforts. When people get to a broken link, usually lose their interest on that website.


Here we will tell you how to deal with this problem and how to take advantage of them.

  • Use internal links

This is a very important tool, especially if your website has a blog. The use of internal links allows you to prolong the time that your client browses your website.


Internal links are those that go from one page to another in your website. You can imagine why this is important in a SEO Strategy. We will talk about the best way of doing this task.

  • Keep your content strong

Creating content is not a simple task. However it is the core of your business. The reason why your client is going to connect with you. The way you are standing out from your competitors.


In this point you will get some tips to create killer content for your Digital Marketing and the best way to get it connected to your SEO Strategy.

  • Analyze your SEO Strategy

Once you get to this point it’s important to analyze your SEO Strategy to see if any fix is needed. Also, we will show your different ways to measure your strategy such as Google Search Console.

  • Define New Objectives

Creating a Successful SEO Strategy requires a lot of patience and dedication. If you want to get big results, you need to be able to invest the time needed to make it work.


Once your strategy is set, we’ll create monthly objectives to guide your strategy and maintain or improve your rank on Search Engines.


That’s all for this week’s blog. We are looking forward to beginning this series with you. If you want us to be more specific at any point, don’t hesitate to tell us.

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