Have you ever felt like the organic traffic driven to your website could be more than actual? There are many reasons this may be happening, one of them is the selection of your keywords. When creating a digital strategy, there are tons of options you can choose between in order to achieve the best way to communicate with your customer. To be sure you are getting the most organic traffic you can perform a keyword gap analysis.


What is a Keyword Gap Analysis?

The concept is simple, it is an analysis that helps you identify ranking opportunities your site is missing.


The most common way to make it is by analyzing which words your competitors are using and you’re not. But that’s not the only way to do it.


Why should you use KGA?

When you are looking for new keywords to rank higher, you have your target audience in mind. Make sure the keywords selected answer their questions and bring them solutions. Once you determine what they’re looking for, you can work on a content strategy based on those topics. The more you know your customer, the better prepared you are to explore new keywords.


Some of the functions of Keyword Gap Analysis are:

  • Find new keyword opportunities easily.
  • Identify what your customer is asking for.
  • Discover keywords that are actually working.
  • Collect high volume keywords.


How can I be sure that I chose the best keywords?

As we mentioned before, there are tons of ways you can choose in order to choose your keywords. Here are some tips on how to better choose them:


Types of keywords you can’t ignore:

  • Focused on Products and Services: Every keyword you select must be related to the core of your business. They must talk about the unique value proposition you bring with your product or service.


  • Long-tail keywords: These aren’t a word itself but three or four specific to your product or brand. Sometimes, there are better chances with multi-word phrases.


Look for what your customer is asking for:

On most occasions, the best keywords come from the customers themselves. The key is to find out what they’re asking related to your industry. With KGA you can check which keywords your competitors are using according to their user’s questions.


Discovering new keywords based on what your customer is looking for can help you to create unique and personalized content, creating a stronger relationship with your client.


Compare with your competitors:

The best way to find out if your keywords selected are competitive enough is to compare them with your competitors’ ones. To do this you can ask yourself questions like:


  • How is my target different from my competitors’?
  • How many keywords are they targeting?
  • What content are they creating with those keywords?


Find professional advice:

We know there’s a lot of information to process and it can be overwhelming. Working with keywords is not an easy task to do. Let us help you!

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