It’s not a secret that if you have a website, the more visitors you have, the better. However, quantity is not the most important thing you have to look for. You need visitors who do the actions you want them to do to make it profitable. So, the real questions are ‘how to get more traffic to your website?’ and once you have it ‘how to get conversions?’.


In order to make it work, you don’t want to increase only your website traffic, but quality of traffic, number of links and mentions on other websites and the click-through rate (CTR) -percentage of people who view and click on an ad- too.


The first step to create a message that works as a magnet, you need to know two basic things: who are you talking to and what topics are they talking about. Having these ideas clear will help you to be part of the conversation soon. You can read more about customer and keywords strategies here.


Here are 5 ideas that you can put in practice on your communication strategy to get more qualified traffic:


Make a content audit


One of the best strategies you can do is a content audit. The best way is to do one of your company and one of your competitors to see which content is performing well on the topic. You can use sites as ahrefs or BuzzSumo to get more specific information about keywords and websites 


Define a topic for your content


Once you get what are the top-performing topics on your niche, select the ones that better work for your website and make a content strategy around them. This will help you get into the conversation and the chances to get more visitors increase as well.


Use what you know to create the best content


Once you define the topics you’re working with, it is time to create relevant content. do a research of the topics you selected and see what the top-ranked sites are doing. You see the characteristics of the content already ranked, now think how you can improve it to have the best content available. If you have it clear, create an unforgettable piece of content.


Use a lead magnet


The concept of a lead magnet is simple: something you offer to a potential client in exchange for their information.

The content you want to offer must solve a problem and offer a solution for your visitor. The key is to offer the most value possible in less than 5 minutes. Also, it should be hand-to-hand with the content you create. Use a powerful call-to-action -statement designed to get an immediate response from the user- to assure it has the best response.


Find professional advice:

We know there’s a lot of information to process and it can be overwhelming. Professional consultation may be a good choice in order to define the best strategy to attract more qualified traffic to your website. The best part is: we can help you work it out!


Contact us and our team will work with you on a tailor made keyword strategy to help you work it out.


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