2022 will have the most drastic changes when talking about Digital Marketing due to how fast the world changed during the past couple years. The goal now must not only be to create some strategy, but be prepared to take advantage of it. 


The digital environment is fully competitive. Now, more than ever, to stand up you need to stay updated on the latest methodologies, tools and knowing what’s going on in terms of online presence. There are plenty of tools to engage more effectively with your audience.


Here are some tactics to have in mind for improving leads, sales and conversion in this new year to come.

Privacy vs Ads

Modern Ads and Artificial Intelligence rely mostly on data to automatically optimize. However, there are new regulations like the pending removal of cookies that have been reducing the data collected by these tools.


Consider the impact that this will have on your Ads and try to be more proactive when creating and planning.

Influencers Keep Relevance

Influencer marketing is in continuous growth. Using influencer campaigns provide context and relevance to the product since it shows an actual use of it.


Look for opportunities to partner with influencers for your campaigns. Even B2B brands continue to embrace influencers for their communication strategies.

SEO is more integrated

SEO is one of the most valuable forms of digital marketing. Despite being one of the oldest tactics, its importance keeps growing due to the continuous improvement of artificial intelligence.


It is important to focus on creating a meaningful SEO strategy that provides an excellent user experience instead of just the “hacks” and “tricks” of it. Seo is now less game and more integrated.

Focus on what’s better for your business

The explosion of digital marketing options have driven businesses to spread across too many channels to create their communication plan. However, the smartest businesses have worked on dominating one channel.


The focus when creating your new marketing strategy should be to do fewer things better to create a more relevant impact for your audience.

Experiences are the new king

Yes, the chances to communicate have increased. Now there are many ways to make a message important. However, word-of-mouth and earning social attention keep being some of the most important tactics you can work on. As the digital environment becomes noisier, word-of-mouth becomes more important to stand out.


To focus should be on creating experiences at every interaction to earn social media word-of-mouth and social attention.

Find professional advice:

We know there’s a lot of information to process and it can be overwhelming. Professional consultation may be a good choice in order to identify marketing gaps in your business. The best part is: we can help you work it out!


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