Stories have a place in every culture. They are the universal language that, no matter the language or beliefs, everyone can understand. Stories drive us through imagination to create a bond among listeners and tellers. They are an art form that constantly takes importance on marketing everyday.


While everyone can tell a story, there are people that improve their technique and become a storyteller. They spread a message on behalf of their business. Usually, they inspire and motivate through stories that solidify abstract concepts and make complex messages easier to understand and be memorable.


When creating a new message for your customer, consider this characteristics in order to get to a good, powerful story:



This is the most important characteristic of every story. Good stories keep the reader’s attention all the time. The reader must be interested in what you are offering next.



Bring something else beyond a selling attempt. Your reader should be capable of obtaining something new after reading what you are offering.



Everyone should be able to connect with your story. A powerful story becomes meaningful for most people.



Along with your story, there must be a structure to drive your readers and help them to get to the core message.



Whether to the message, the language you use -humor, sarcastic, dramatic- or the inspiration, your story needs to transcend on your readers mind. 


It is true that “good” is relative to everyone’s opinion. But these components help to get a good story experience for the reader and the teller.


Now you know what to consider when creating this new, powerful story. There are some points, external to the story, to have in mind like knowing your audience or defining your message. With the appropriate marketing plan, you are able to create the best way of communication with your audience.


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