We are a creative agency built on alignment

We launch and grow businesses looking to revolutionize the world.

About our founder

Ingrid Harb is a global advocate rooted in German, Lebanese, Danish, Mexican and American Cultures who at only 19 years old founded the Women Ambassadors Forum while still in college. Ingrid has since partnered with over 50 Fortune 500 companies and created over fifteen international and national conferences that have reached women from 150 countries. Beyond conferences, Ingrid has the knowledge and expertise on how to grow a simple idea into a worldwide movement. Through Aligned Creative Agency, each client will experience transformational growth and be able to align their vision and passion. Ingrid has now a team of creatives and innovators that helped make her movement global ready to help others create the same impact.

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Our Process

We are a creative agency built on alignment

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We make it our business to uncover the ins and outs.


We then start by getting your firm's brand in alignment. We craft the language that speaks to your audience to make it memorable, actionable and relevant. We integrate visual assets to keep consistency from the get-go!


Our team of Aligned Ninjas will then create designs and sketches that will visually bring your idea to reality.


We then building every aspect of the brand. During this phase we use our hands-on approach from start to launch. Aligning and developing every platform and instrument the brand will use to make business.


Go time! We build the best digital implementation strategy prior to launch. We create specific messaging, videos and design that will be part of the launch campaign. We leverage social media, blogging, word of mouth, animation, google and the whole suite of services to make your company grow.